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Treating oil-water mixtures quicker and at lower costs. Discover our specific oil-water-separator solutions for port reception facilities and the refining industry. 

How do clients benefit from our tailor made demulsifiers?

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How do clients benefit from our tailor made demulsifiers?

Treating oil-water mixtures quicker and at lower costs. Discover our specific solutions for port reception facilities and the refining industry.

Demulsifier and oil-water separators for waste oil treatment  


Discover our solutionDiscover our solution

Demulsifier for tank and ship cleaning


Why choose our demulsifiers?

WVT Industries has been developing innovative chemical solutions for specific sectors for more than 20 years. Driven by the market’s needs, we create highly efficient demulsifiers to improve the oil-water treatment process, and to create recycled oil with a high resale value.

Separate oil in water mixtures in less time, at lower temperatures and with smaller dosages

Reduce processing costs

Work with demulsifiers conforming to CLP regulations (both in terms of product and material safety data sheets)

Meet all environmental standards

Work with tailor-made products developed and produced for your needs and specific circumstances

Tailor-made solutions

Obtain recycled oil with a high resale value thanks to our effective tailor-made products for oil-water separation

Create a high resale value



Under the MARPOL Convention Annex II, oil tank washing residues or oil-contaminated water must be treated before being discharged. Port reception facilities need to recycle ship oil, tank sludge, and bilge water waste as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that ocean vessels do not lose time during the cleaning process. It is also important that the recycled oil is of high quality, so that it can be resold as MARPOL-approved ship fuel.

To address the shipping industry’s needs, WVT Industries developed demulsifier Q03.

Product details
  • Advantages Demulsifier Q03

  • + Cost saving in respect of dosages

  • + Higher value due to less water:    
  •     < 1% water in oil   

  • Treatment time less than 12 hours   

  • + High calorific oil value,    
  •     increased burning quality and resale value   

  • Energy cost savings    

  • + Meets the requirements of MARPOL    
  •     Convention Annexe II   

  • + High calorific oil value,    
  •     increased burning quality and resale value   

  • Strong ash reduction 
  •     (> 5%, after treatment <0,1%)

In ‘Q03’, WVT Industries has developed a highly effective and environmentally sustainable demulsifier, specifically designed for the shipping industry. Q03 significantly optimizes the oil water separation, and allows the processing costs to be considerably reduced:

Demulsifier Q03 replaces the use of cost-burdening centrifuge applications. It reduces the treatment time to less than 12 hours, so larger volumes can be treated over a much shorter period of time.

By default, the water in oil emulsion is heated to approx. 90°C  before a demulsifier is added. However, Demulsifier Q03 is added at 60 °C leading to drastic savings in energy.

MARPOL oil is a water-in-oil emulsion with its stability depending on the water content, which is typically between 40% to 60%. By adding Demulsifier Q03 to MARPOL-oils you will attain fuel with a water content of under 1%. This implicates a high calorific fuel value, with increased burning quality and resale value.

Typically, the recommended Demulsifier Q03-dosage varies between 1500 and 3000 ppm to the total amount of the oil-water emulsion. But the optimum demulsifier dosage much depends on the specific nature of the oil waste. To determine the exact percentage needed, WVT Industries analyses waste samples in its own laboratory, and offers case-by-case recommendations, so that port reception facilities can work as cost-efficiently as possible.



Refineries are proactively looking for oil and water separation solutions to improve the refinery process, in order to create better quality fuels and increase profit margins. Removing water from crude or waste oil requires specific demulsifiers that can quickly and adequately complete the oil water separation process. The chemical composition of these demulsifiers must increase the quality and sale value of the recycled oil, and meet the increasingly stringent environmental standards. WVT Industries is your go-to partner for water treatment chemical manufacturing.

  • Advantages

  • Reduce treatment time: oil-water separation in less
  •    than 12 hours  

  • + Treating greater volumes in the same time period  

  • + Excellent low temperature performance   

  • + Reduce processing costs   

  • High resale value of recycled oil   

  • + Strong ash reduction (> 5%, after treatment <0,1%)

  • + Meet strict environmental legislation

WVT Industries creates demulsifiers to address the specific needs of the refinery industry. 

After analysing a sample of your waste oil, our laboratory technicians compile and produce a tailor-made demulsifier that that will ensure many advantages, as well as the highest return.

We develop our demulsifiers so carefully that you can achieve the process with the minimum dosage, and in less than 12 hours. This allows the creation of a significantly greater volume than before.

In addition, we ensure that our products can work at a much lower temperature (ambient temperature  ≥45 degrees) saving energy and costs.

After the decantation process you will achieve oil which contains less than 1% water. This high standard of quality means oil/fuel with a high sale value.


Product details

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